SET MEDIKAL is medical device manufacturer for healthcare market. In 2008, SET MEDIKAL have taken over all manufacturing facility and brand name rights of the plant which is earliest and largest, from COVIDIEN (Tyco Healthcare)

Set syringes was started to be produced at TIBSET A.Ş. facilities that was established in 1977.

Turkey's first and largest syringe manufacturer, TIBSET, was sold to TYCO Healtcare (COVIDIEN) who is one of the biggest medical product producers int he world.

Originally the brand was part of the Tyco Healthcare and more recently the Covidien Medical portfolio.
The business division behind this brand became an independent Healthcare company and we now know as Set Medaikal.

Set syringes were served to international market's consumption by the goog values (experience & know-how, technology, high quality and production techniques as a Lean Management, 6 Sigma, GMP, TPM ... ) of Tyco.

In 2008, Covidien (TYCO) Healthcare granted Turkey production facilities to Set Medikal. Set syringe Plant has 10.000 m2 land and 10.000 and 100.000 class production area with high technology.

Set syringe production has been continuing with same high quality and international medical device production requirements by Set Medikal.

Set syringe has kept its leader positions and high standards while being sold in particularly Europe also South America, Middle East and Asia.
Main principle is to improve all of our good values while keeping serve to healthcare market by serious responsibility.